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The voice of Russia Radio, Moscow


Long ago advertising industry changed its applied meaning and turned into the art.

The Premiere of Collection ABC Show, presenting the best images of this genre, let the audience get into the world of dream.

We can seldom watch on TV the videos of such quality as presented at the show. In reality, advertising masterpieces are real small movies with completed plot. Such advertisement arouses the interest of even non-professionals in this sphere.


Magazine"The Art ofConsumption", Krasnodar a demonstration from ABC Showin the advertiser'sDay!


October 23 the Advertisers Day in the Concert Hall in Red Street, 5 was held a show Best Collection of World Advertising ABC Show!

Visitors have seen the best videos from the world of festivals, an exhibition of prints, were immersed in an atmosphere of dream and advertisers, as well as took part in rallies and leave their wishes on the columns of the Concert Hall. As leading emcees they met Brigade U.

"Laughter, applause and congratulations on the Advertisers Day in the evening had shaken the room


TV Channel "Russia1.Kuban"Krasnodar -witty, funand creative!


Witty, fun and creative Advertisers Day was celebrated  in Krasnodar! About two hours the main concert hall of the city was shaken by explosions - explosions of laughter! So Krasnodar met collections of famous Commercials ABC Show-2010! At the end ofthe celebration  the audience admitted that advertising, which they saw - a masterpiece of small-format movies!