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ABC Show

The ABC Show


«The ABC Show is the finest program anywhere in the world celebrating great advertising.»

Donald Gunn, Founder of The Gunn Report


ABC Show (Advertising Best Collection)

ABC Show (Advertising Best Collection) presents the collection of the most awarded commercials and prints from the leading international advertising awards.

Advertising Best Collection was established on the 6th of November in 2002. Since that time the annual show of the collection has taken place in more than 50 cities such as: Moscow, St.Petersburg, Vladivostok etc

The collection is renewed every year.

The fundamental idea of ABC Show is "Best of the Best". The best from the world of advertising. Millions of various advertising reels are created every year all over the world. From this enormous variety the most competent judges of international festivals, maitres of advertising industry, select the most riveting, the most impressive ones. These reels are included in the Advertising Best Collection. It is more than just ads.

We demonstrate the world the very masterpieces of global advertising, which arouse universal excitement and amusement. We, therefore, form tolerant public attitude to the advertisement, getting more and more people to like us and get a proof that advertising is an Art. Popularity and success of the project are proved by reviews of the audience, mass-media and advertising community.



Competent Opinion

Andrey Gubaydullin,
Creative Director of the Voskhod advertising agency, the most awarded agency in Russia:

This Collection is a real proof, that the audience understands and accepts creative advertising. All the people in the hall as one reacted on these advertising masterpieces – during that hour and a half laughter and applause didn’t stop. People want advertising to be entertaining, intriguing, flirting, scaring, and funny. For me, personally, it was inspiring.

Vladimir Filippov,
President of the Russian Academy of Advertising, Vice President of the Association of Russian Communicational Agencies:

I’ve got great professional pleasure while watching the Collection. I am glad that the organizers have found a resource for General Industry business. I wish them enlarge the Collection with other masterpieces, and especially from Russia.

Igor Kirikchi,
BBDO Russia Group:

An excellent Collection. When you see another masterpiece of advertising art, you think: "Here is the winner of my personal rating." But after a couple of videos: "No, perhaps this one is even better." And it happens many times».


Audience Reviews

"It's the best event of the year!"
"Everything was amazing! Perfect! If only there were more such events"
"Guys, give me the DVDs. I wanna watch them once again!"

Advertising Agencies Reviews

"... This show was a really outstanding cultural event in our city, and many of those, who visited it, remember it till now with admiration.

We gained our point goal: we earned a good reputation and returned the citizens positive attitude to the events of such kind. Next year (we have no doubts about that!) we will be glad to hold this wonderful festival once again, because contented spectators of the show are already asking us about our plans for the future! We are grateful to you for effective collaboration and hope for further favorable development of our relationships".

"... It was a brilliant show. All the tickets had been sold in advance. Such collaboration is very valuable and we have every intention of continuing it this year. It was a noticeable large-scare event for the city, and the spectators enjoyed festival . We are going to make this event a tradition.".

Mass-media Reviews

"There were quite a great number of real pearls. Short movies, some are witty-touchy, others are tough, but all of them unique and unforgettable..."

"We were treated for autumn blues with the newest and coolest reels from all over the world for about two hours!"

"Actually, it was quite a show. People treated the reels greatly, applauding to many of them".

"You can't retell the plot of the reels. A picture paints a thousands words.

"Art Cinema was shaken with real explosions...Explosions of laugh! Ads are short movie masterpieces, some of them are like a parable, some like a story. It's something you want not only to watch but retell excitedly to your friends ".


ABC Show is № 1 according to the number of screenings in Russia

Ivan Churilin, ABC Show and
Steve Davis, APA

British Association of Advertising, which was founded in 1978 in London to promote the interests of manufacturers of video advertising, has recognized ABC Show’s screenings № 1 in Russia.

UK (and especially London) is the worldwide leader in production of video advertising. British works regularly win all the world's leading advertising festival. Suffice to say, that the most awarded clip in the history of advertising (according to Gunn Report), is the legendary British Cog for Honda Accord by Wieden Kennedy agency, London.

APA provides advertising agency "Navi-Gator" with APA Collection selection for inclusion in the Advertising Best Collection ABC Show.

The original of this article can be found here or on the website www.a-p-a.net


Spanish-speaking media about the ABC show

Ma.de Los Ángeles Marcet, coordinación general en FIAP:
"pensar que la publicidad iberoamericana llega a Rusia, es algo que no imaginábamos ni en nuestro mejores sueños."

Мария де Лос Анжелес Марсе, исполнительный директор международного фестиваля FIAP:
"Я даже в самых смелых мечтах не могла представить, что латиноамериканская реклама достигнет России."